Andy Bellomo. Visual Artist 

Andy Bellomo (aka “Andy B”) is a queer woman visual artist, public mural artist, teacher and performer.  She specializes in hand-cut glasswork, with movement and energy at its core. She creates large-scale glass artworks that achieve depth by combining many visual and physical layers at a time. Each cut of glass is like a stroke of paint, revealing the exact movement of her hands, with intricate line movement and multiple colors of glass and grout combined. Her current body of work is bright, iridescent, and reflects an enormous amount of light through the natural material of glass. Her mural work spans Massachusetts, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Andy has developed skills in design, fabrication and installation and has created public murals for over a decade. 


As a full time artist, she divides her time between creating large-scale murals, educating youth, doing commissioned work, and performing as a drag king. Andy has a strong belief in collaboration and cross-promoting fellow community members. She is a dynamic member of the arts and LGBTQ community in Chicago and a strong activist and advocate for social change and human rights. Andy is also the co-producer of Queer Lines, a yearly three part drag king, visual arts, and poetry show. 


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